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[10 Feb 2007|08:43pm]

I just found this community and had to post my story. I've been sick and it's been time to change my filter for a while. I had one Ryukin, Angel, in a 10 gallon aquarium for several years, he's survived three moves and was very happy all the time, if not a bit dumb at times. (He used to like swimming upside down and playing in the bubbles getting cheap thrills.) Anyway, as I was changing the filter, the shelf I had my aquarium on collapsed and the entire thing shattered on the floor. I managed to save Angel and put him into a bowl, he survived the stress of this really well, he was a bit sluggish but still active and acting well.

A few days later I was watching TV in the dark and my friend came over. He ended up accidentally putting his nice felt hat into the bowl that had Angel in it. His hat now doesn't fit right and Angel didn't survive that night. Angel was a good fish for four years and lived through five or six moves from various dorm rooms to apartments. I was absolutely crushed at the news that he wasn't moving, but luckily my friend offered to buy two more fish for me. I was planning on getting Angel some company, and now he won't be here but I'll still be able to have some new fish and with no cost to me.

As soon as I can, I'm going to get a Black Moor and name him Gollum the Second (named after my old Black Moor, Gollum) and also get a Red Cap Oranda, but I can't think of anything to name that one. And I will have pictures as soon as I get some of my new fishies.

Need advice on fishy health [07 Jan 2007|08:55pm]

I have a small concern about the health of one of my goldfish. It doesn't appear to be serious, but I would like some other opinions.

Over the Christmas holidays I had to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks due to recent mobility difficulties, and I was unable to find anyone to keep an eye on my goldies. It is generally thought that goldfish can be left for a week or so with no problems, and I made sure to leave holiday food. Unfortunately, they had to live in my small 5 gallon hospital tank during this time as I was in the middle of changing over between an old tank and a larger new one which needed its run-in period. Obviously, by the end of the holiday the water conditions were not great and I made sure to move them instantly to the new tank and check the water quality.

My concern is that one of them developed a slightly clouded eye during this time, and it's not a problem I've ever encountered before. It also was keeping one fin clamped to its side, but has since stopped doing this. Both fish seem very active and healthy in all other respects and are eating well. Their new tank has ample room, filtration and aeration are good, and the water is perfect. My new calico oranda is in quarantine and has had no contact at all with the affected fish as yet.

Should I be worried about this, or do you think that the fish will be fine as long as I continue to monitor their conditions and behaviour? I am unaware of any infection or illness that has this as a symptom, so if you know of any please do let me know.

An open letter to the free Exotic Panda Moor I got Yesterday [29 Dec 2006|10:08pm]

Dear Exotic Panda Moor,

Seriously -- you are adorable. I know it; you know it; Tully, Ovid and Livestrong know it. Hell, even the self-absorbed and as-yet unnamed Otocinclus knows it. That said, we are all in agreement that you may not be working out. Honesty, you are kind of an ass.


Introducing myself! [18 Dec 2006|02:01pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi there!

I've just joined LJ and almost immediately found this wonderful community! So I'm here to introduce myself as you're newest member.

My grandfather kept fish for many years. I remember him having this wonderful large tropical tank as well as a pond of goldfish. Over the years I learned alot from him and his enthusiasm for fish keeping fired up my interest. My grandfather eventually stopped breeding and keeping fish, so I decided to start my own aquarium! Taking out the heater to make a coldwater aquarium, I now have 2 chocolate orandas (had them just over a year) and am buying 2 calico orandas within the next month.

I look forward to meeting more goldfish enthusiasts and chatting with you all!



hiiiiii [13 Jul 2005|11:41pm]

[ mood | content ]

hey guys. i love goldfish. i just got a new baby yesterday.. he's a sweetheart, so little! i'm not really sure what type of goldfish it is.. he's white, long, a double tail, with two little orange dots on his head (which arent developed at all). i thought it was an oranda, but his body is long and lean, and not round. so, with goldfish.. is it the more the merrier? i always stayed away from having more than one fish, so that it doesnt spread disease, or if they fight. are they aggressive animals? or would another fish be a good thing? thanks guys. :D <3 (cross posted in goldfishbowl)

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Hope you can help me [07 Jan 2005|11:56am]


I'm doing an art installation, which includes amongst other things, a goldfish in a specially made tank, which will have a whole load of words frosted onto the glass (on the outside, so the fish will be grand). I need a lot of words to cover the tank nicely, and I am hoping you can help with this. All you need do is describe your adored goldfish, what you think makes it 'goldfish', a simple enought task. I would use my own words, but it wouldn't be half as interesting to 'read the tank' if it was only my opinion of what makes a goldfish. Please help me make others see the goldfish as positively as you do. Thanks so much.

[17 Oct 2004|06:14pm]

okay! question time:

i've had my fish since april, and i havne't once cleaned his tank until today. what i did was i took out half the water and dumped the rest then washed all the poop and stuff off the rocks. then put the water that i saved back in the tank along with some new water and some stress coat.

is this okay?

i heard that cleaning the tank was bad for the fish, but today i just got so fed up with it looking gross that i had to.
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[15 Oct 2004|06:46am]

I'm so upset, but i'm buying treatment after school - sigh
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[12 Oct 2004|03:29pm]

hey everyone, i'm new to this community!

i've gone through sooo many fish over the years, but the one i have right now, i've had for over 7 months. this is a new record for me! i'm not sure what i'm doing right... but i'm glad. anyway, he's a really cute normal white and orange goldfish, but he has special markings.
1. he has an orange lip
2. one fin is orange and the other is white

+4Collapse )

sorry if this was kind of long :S
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[30 Sep 2004|09:44pm]

Tonight I went on a mission to buy a few bubble eyed goldfish to go with my current one, Bubbles. Well... instead, I ended up buying 3 new larger orandas. These guys are now in my 80 gallon with my much smaller oranda and 2 ryukins. My Shubunkins, lionhead, ranchu, and bubble eye now share my other tank.

The three I bought tonight cost me $80.00 - ouch! But I did also buy them a new live plant and some more aquarium salt so that adds up too.

Anyway, I bought one All Orange Oranda with black tips on the fins. This one is named Kate after the tv show "Lost" character.

I then bought an all Black Oranda who is named Charlie, named after the Rock Star Character of the TV show "Lost."

Lastly, I bought an ADORABLE Calico named Jack. Jack is named after the Doctor in the TV Show "Lost." They are all named after characters in the new TV show, "Lost" if you didn't notice =) I love them more than anything!

I wish I was able to get pictures of these three. I just took photos of my other fish (and they have to be developed) th other night. Well, I will post those photos soon and then I will worry about taking photos of these guys.

I love the lady who sells them. She is beyond helpful. She is the true pet store worker- one that ACTUALLY knows what they are talking about. She has always been helpful to me. All pet store workers need to be like that.

[26 Sep 2004|05:03pm]

i just joined. I love my goldfish. hes my pride and joy. His name is Emmet

EMMET WE <3 YOUCollapse )
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My fishies! [13 Sep 2004|10:16pm]

I'm not new to fish owning, though my goldfish are definitely my recent addition. I haven't had goldfish since I was a kid, but I have been falling in love with them lately every time I walk in a pet store. I picked up four tiny ones today, figuring they'll fill one decent size tank for me for now, and two decent size tanks for me once they grow. And onto the pictures!Collapse )
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Hey! [06 Sep 2004|07:00pm]

Hey! I have a few goldfish who I will introduce now!

Here it goes:
Lucius: Lucius is my orange body, black cap, and black finned Oranda. I have had him for a few months now. He is my most active and is by far the most interesting. He tends to be a pig and is always ready for his breakfast. He knows he is good looking and has no problem with being flashy and showing himself off. You will never see him hiding behind the decor.

Dom: Dom is my Black Moor. I have had him the longest and is very goofy and yet, very polite. He has never bullied on the others but loves hiding where I can't find him and Poof! He just pops up as if hes saying "Surprise!"

Bubbles: Bubbles is my Bubble eyed Goldfish. He was bought with Puffy (RIP). Puffy and Bubbles both had some sort of an illness, Bubbles recovered but Puffy could not be saved. Bubbles is extremely corky but has an issue with rubbing his water sacs against the glass. When he is not doing that, he is usually following around my other fish or is messing with my Placo Algae Eater.

Shuboink: Shuboink is my Shubunkin. He was a last minute buy at the pet store while I was picking up some plants. He is always rooting around the rocks and likes to play in the bubbles. He, like Lucius, is very piggy and always tries to eat more than his share.

Shubonk: Shubonk is my other shubunkin goldfish and is also the newest to the tank. He has made fast friends with Shuboink (Which is what I wanted to happen). His hobbies are: Hanging out with Shuboink and swimming after Dom 24/7.

Casper: My all white Lionhead. He sure is a cutie! I bought him about a week or two ago. He sure is a spunky one. He is not a shy fish but gets scared easily and has to take his time getting used to new things that are placed in the tank. His girlfriend is Guinevere.

Guinevere: Guinevere is my gold ranchu. I picked her up at petsmart when I bought Lucius. She is never found without Casper right there with her. They eat together and swim together at all times. Her favorite item in the tank is her "No Fishing!!" sign. She likes to stay as close to it as she can.

Renee: My Red and White Ryukin. She is the largest in the tank at this time which means she is the boss. She can be a bully at times but is happy once she gets her way. If I am at the right of the tank, she has to be right there watching. Her boyfriend is Frodo.

Frodo: Calico Ryukin. Very lazy fish but <3s Renee. His hobbies are eating and sitting either at the top of the tank or in the bottom corner. He likes to hide behind the rock decor but is always there protecting Renee. His most active time is at breakfast.

Wow that took a while.
Setup: 80 gallon. Tons of plants and rocks. One "No Fishing" sign.
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! [06 Sep 2004|04:30pm]

[ mood | excited ]


i suppose i will introduce myself to this new community.

My name is Kayla. I live in Daytona Beach FL. I have two young goldfish:

Bread:  - who I have had for 6-7 months, is a calico Ryukin. Bread is a small corky fish, he hides in small corners at times. He likes to swim against the bubbles that rise from my bubble blowing coral deco. When all the lights are out and I am trying to get some sleep for school in the morning he likes to dig through the gravel and spit it out at the glass. He rarely does that during the day. I guess he just likes to keep me up at night : /

Isabella: - who I have had for over a year now, is a gold fantail. She is very friendly and always greets me when i come to watch the tank. She usually swims in the front of the tank, she likes to know what is going on. I find that she watches me when I am laying on my bed watching t.v. or even as I am sitting here typing on my computer. She lets me hand feed her freeze dried shrimp..sometimes. Her and my algea eater (Edgar) don't really get along. they tend to chase eachother around, or sometimes he will come up behind her and try to suck on her side.

My current tank status is a 10 gallon tank. I KNOW! I KNOW! the 10 gallon rule. BUT Isabella and Bread are small enough to share this humble home for the time being. In a few months I will be purchasing i'm pretty sure a 50 gallon tank ( which I am so excited about!! ) - my mom will be helping with the payments ;D After getting my tank set up and ready for action i've decided I want to add some new members to my goldfish crew. so far I have decided on a Panda butterfly tail telescope and a calico lionhead for sure. Panda's are so hard to find and I am afraid of purchasing one off the internet so I was thinking of asking my local petstore ( where i buy all my fishy needs ) if they would order a batch. I'm sure the local fish owners would also appreciate that since they are so adorable. well I hope i have inspired you to join this community. byee ^_^

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